5 Favorite Things – Christmas

This time of year is crazy. Stressing over gifts, finals start stacking up, and getting ready for family to come into town can be a lot to handle. All though this time of year is full of craziness, it is one of my favorite times of the year because of a few things that make this season amazing.

1. The Reason for the Season

The main reason for the season is to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth. I think that many people do get caught up in the stress that is present during this time of year, and even though this is not the only time we should celebrate Jesus’ birth, it is important that we do remember this and put always put it first.

2. Christmas Movies

Okay, this is definitely one of my favorite things to do this time of year. The day after Thanksgiving is my favorite day of the year because I lay on my couch, have hot chocolate in hand, look at my beautifully lit Christmas tree and watch Christmas (while everyone else is busy getting trampled during Black Friday sales). My favorite is has to be Elf. I love this movie and can quote the entire thing. My other favorites are the classics like How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Year Without Santa Clause and all the others. These movies put me in the Christmas spirit and also remind me of when I was little, laying on the couch watching them with my dad.

3. Christmas Music

If you don’t enjoy listening to the *NSYNC Holiday Pandora station then we cannot be friends (totally kidding, well… maybe not). Once Thanksgiving is over, this station is played pretty much non stop and includes artists like Christina Aguilera,Kelly Clarkson, and many more. In my opinion, this is definitely the best Christmas station on Pandora. However, if I ever want to switch it up, I tend to go to the Country Christmas station.

4. Christmas Cookies

One of my favorite traditions is Christmas cookies. Every year my Meme makes a bunch of sugar cookies in the shape of Christmas tress and I typically frost them with green icing and sprinkle them with colored bead sprinkles. We have them every single Christmas and they are one of my favorite traditions that my family has.

The Christmas Tree Masterpiece – Also, can’t have it without my Dr. Pepper!

5. Wrapping Presents

Another favorite thing I enjoy during this time of year is wrapping presents. On Christmas Eve, my family (dad, mom, 3 siblings and their significant others) all go over to my Meme and Papa’s house to unwrap presents. Who has been the one wrapping all of those presents the past few years, you may ask? Me. All the presents that my grandparents and parents buy end up with me to wrap, but I honestly love it. I jam to my Christmas music or watch Christmas movies while wrapping and it relaxes me. Plus, I get to see what everyone gets for Christmas before they do!


3 thoughts on “5 Favorite Things – Christmas

  1. This post got me excited for Christmas in the middle of June, so thanks lol (:

    Christmas music may be the top for me. It feels so good to hear all of that happy, joyful Christmas music after 6+ months without it!


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