New Year, New Me

On the last day of the year, I always love to think about the things that I have experienced, people I have met, places I have gone, and emotions that I felt all year-long. This year especially has been interesting. I started off the year thinking that I was going to go to Texas Tech University (which is where I have dreamed on going the since I was a freshman in high school). I had been accepted in October of 2014 and had already reserved my dorm room and began talking to my future roommates. In April, though, things changed. A lot of changes were being made at the place I worked as a part-time receptionist and they were looking to replace their previously full-time receptionist. The general manager jokingly said, “What if we paid for you tuition? Would you stay and work full-time for us?” Only I soon found out, it was not a joke. I decided to stay in my hometown and earn a degree at the university for free. because of the pay raise, and less expenses, I was able to finally move out on my own. I have been living in my apartment for the past six months and never would have guessed how much I could have grown. I had to make difficult decisions. I have experienced two mission trips this year. Overcome things that I never thought I would. 2015 was a pretty great year and I absolutely cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store and I figured what better way to kick off the year than to list my resolutions.

1. Grow Relationship with God

I have done a terrible job this year being in the word and praying. I realize that those things are not what makes my relationship with God what it is, but it does help. Just like any other relationship that a person has, there has to be communication and time spent with each other to continue building a firm relationship. I hope that in 2016 I will get better at this. When the time comes to read my Bible, I see it as a burden, but when I am done I am glad that I do it, so why do I turn away? Because “I’m busy”? I do not know, but I want to improve on this greatly.

2. Health

I know, I know. So cliché, right? Every person has a goal of exercising and eating better in the New Year and within two weeks, they stuff their face with a bag of chips and two boxes of chocolate chip cookies (or is that just me?). I have actually worked out more this year than I ever have (which is not saying much). I actually enjoy running on the treadmill. It’s fun and relaxing and is “me” time. I definitely hope that I will stick to exercising and not quit after a week and then a few months later do the same thing again.

3. Blogging

This is my fourth blog post and I have enjoyed it. It is kind of like a diary to me and am able to look back on everything and also maybe help someone. If I could help one person through my blogs, then I completed my goal of starting a blog. I enjoy writing and even though I do not think I will ever become a famous blogger, I am having fun doing it and I want to continue doing it. I hope this year I learn ways to make my blogging better and more enjoyable than it already is.

4. Travel

The past year I have been telling myself I am going to save money and take a trip to visit my sister in San Francisco and I still have not done that. I hope that this year I can make that happen and also maybe take another trip somewhere. Any ideas where a solo traveler can go and not feel lonely?

5. Grow/Learn

I have grown so much this year and have learned many things. There are still many things I need to learn and I also still have some growing up to do.

6. Love Myself

In the past couple of weeks I have come to the realization that the “relationship” that I have kind of been in the past few years was toxic. I would describe this relationship as what many people would an “almost relationship. I have realized that I am worth more than the way that I have been treated and also that I kept the “relationship” going because it made me feel better about myself. It made me feel wanted/desired. It made me feel pretty. I discovered that a relationship of any kind is not going to fulfill these desires and that I need to love myself and respect myself. I hope that in 2016 I can work on this and love myself again.



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