Faithbox – March 2016

If  you follow my blog or have seen any of my other posts, you most likely know that I subscribe to the monthly beauty box called “Ipsy.” I have enjoyed receiving Ipsy so much the past few months and decided I wanted to find another box – not relating to beauty –  that I wanted to subscribe to. After research, I decided to try “Faithbox.” Faithbox is a monthly Christian subscription box that costs $20 + $5 for shipping. Each box consists of nonprofit organization’s products that give back in some way. I immediately fell in love with this box when I read that with each box, the company provides three meals to hungry children! How awesome is it that you can receive some really cool and unique products while also feeding kids for only $20 a month!?
***Faithbox Subscription***

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1. Bearded Brothers Energy Bar

The first item I received in my box is the Bearded Brothers energy bar in the flavor “Colossal Coconut Mang0.” The ingredients in each of these bars pure and the bars are labeled as “organic, non-GMO, raw, vegan, gluten & soy free.” This company has a partnership with the organization called Planet, that donates 1% of their annually proceeds to other environmental nonprofit organizations. The company also has a partnership with the nonprofit company called Boneshaker, which advocates exercise and healthy eating for children. I have not tried the energy bar, yet, but I am excited to. A combination between coconut and mango seems strange to me, but also interesting!
Price: $3.49
Bearded Brothers

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2. The THX Co. Ground Coffee

The second item I received in my box was ground coffee from the company, The THX Co. This particular package is from Guatemala and is the “Original Blend.”After researching this company, I kind of fell in love. Each product is sold without a profit mark up value. This means that the amount paid for each product is used for expenses. With each purchase, the customer is asked to make a donation ($1-$7) to a cause of their choice from six nonprofit organizations. The donation takes place of the profit mark up that most companies use. Example: A shirt might cost $3.00 to make, but a company will sell it for $10.00 and receive the $7.00 as it’s profit.
Full-size price: $8.00 (1 Ib)
The THX Co.
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3. NewSpring Worship Music CD

The next item from my box is the CD, “Difference Maker,” by NewSpring. The NewSpring worship band is the band for the NewSpring Church in South Carolina.The CD has four songs:
1) Now and Forever
2) Love Me Like That
3) Every Line
4) It is Well
When I imported the CD into my iTunes library, it labeled it as “Indie Rock.” The band is really good and I like the songs a lot.
Price: $4.99

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4. The Most Excellent Way to Lead

This book written by Perry Noble is the fourth thing that I received in this months Faithbox. The month has a theme of leadership and I think they did a great job by picking this to be included in the box. I have not read any of the book, yet, but whenever I have a break from school, this will be the next book I pick up to read!
Price: $17.99

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5. “Go Get It” Bookmark

The next item in the box is a bookmark, which compliments my previous item very well. This inspirational bookmark is printed by the company Denik. Denik teams up with artists who design products varying from bookmarks, notebooks and cards. Portions of the proceeds go to help build schools in developing countries.
Price: I could not find the price of the bookmark because the bookmarks are custom orders.

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6. Leadership Poster

The next item I received is a really cute poster with a quote by Perry Noble: “Leading with integrity is embracing honesty! We should always use our weaknesses to point others to Christ’s strength.” Wow. I LOVE this quote so much. How amazing is it that God can use our weaknesses to point others to Christ’s strength?
Price: There is no price for this item.

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7. Monthly Devotion

Every month Faithbox adds a book with a devotion for every day throughout the month. Again, this month’s theme is leadership, so the devotion points to how Christians are called to be leaders. An interesting thing about Faithbox is if you do not want to subscribe and actually receive the box, you can subscribe to get just the devotional every month!
Price: $8.00 a month

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I really enjoyed this months box and it is hard not to when I know that I just helped provide three meals to a child. If you are looking for a monthly subscription box and are not into beauty products, I suggest this as being an option!

***Faithbox Subscription***

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