Faithbox – April 2016

This is my second Faithbox I have received and unfortunately it will be my last. I have nothing wrong with the company and I honestly loved the idea, but at the moment I am not able to continue to purchase it every month due to personal reasons. If you do not know what Faithbox is, it is a Christian monthly subscription box that sends products from companies that are either Christian companies, or companies that give back with their products. Faithbox also includes a daily devotion inside that box that focuses on the theme for that month. The amazing thing about Faithbox is that with each box purchased, they are able to provide three meals to someone in need.

1. Lifter Sampler CD

I love music. If someone gives me music, I will love them forever. I especially love listening to new music and was hoping that is what I received. This CD, however, contains four songs and one bonus song available for download of songs I have already heard. Like I said, I love music so I am still happy that I received a CD with songs that I do like. The five songs on this sampler CD are:

  1. Your Words (feat. Harvest) by Third Day
  2. Make a Way by I Am They
  3. Abide With Me by Matt Maher
  4. Everywhere I Go by Tim Timmons
  5. Just Be Held by Casting Crowns (available for download)

2. Renew Water Bottle

Faithbox explained the reason they included this water bottle in the box because 90% of water bottles are not recycled. I love water bottles because of the idea that they are reusable. The idea to name these water bottles “Renew” came from the idea to “stay refreshed and renewed in the mind, body, and spirit.” Headed to the gym? Fill the bottle with water. Going to the park? Fill it up with your favorite beverage. (You can never go wrong with and ice-cold Dr. Pepper!)

3. Kutoa Bar

The third item I received this month is a Kutoa bar in the flavor “blueberry almond.” I have heard of Kutoa and have always wanted to try one of their bars so I am super excited about this product. Kutoa means “to give” in Swahili, and that it exactly what this company strives to do. With every bar that is purchased, Kutoa feeds a child in need, either locally or around the world. In developing countries, Kutoa provides micronurtient packs and “Plumpy-Nut Packs,” which helps provide nutrients to cure deficiencies and to cure malnutrition. Throughout the US, Kutoa provides Kutoa bars to children to cure deficiancies. Kutoa also provides sandwiches to children both in the US and also globally. All bars are vegan, gluten-free, dairy free, soy free, all natural, non-GMO, and has no added preservatives or sugars.
Kutoa Bar

4. RuMe Tote Bag

The next item I received is the RuMe medium tote in the color “grass.” I love any bag that I can use at a grocery store instead of using plastic bags. It is so much better for the environment! Looking at the website I was interested in the fact that they have all different types of products other than totes ranging from purses, backpacks, and travel accessories and also have some really cute patterns. It also surprised me that this tote can hold up to 50Ibs without breaking! This tote is great for shopping and travel. I really like that this bag can fold up, making it easy to throw in a purse so that you will not forget to take it with you.
RuMe Totes

5. Resurrection Polaroid

This polaroid that was included in the box is super cute! The idea is to take a photo with it in your favorite place in nature. I will definitely be doing in this in the next month!

6. Devotion

The title of the devotion book this month is Resurrection. The paragraph describing  the devotions says:

“Resurrection is the promise of life after death, the hope that God is making all things new, and he is reconciling all things unto Himself. Living a life informed by resurrection means seeing things not as they are, but as they could be – as they should be. Even though this earth is imperfect, we are still called to care for it as good stewards of God’s creation”

I love this explanation. This world is God’s not ours. We should strive to care for it.

7. Shaklee’s Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate

After reading the book that Faithbox provides that gives a description of each product, I realized that I did not receive this item. When I received the box it was pretty torn up and looked like it had to be re-taped. I am assuming that this item fell out due to this. I am pretty sad about it because I would have loved to try this product! This is an all-purpose cleaner that is safe for the environment. Living alone, you can never have too many cleaning products! The cool thing about this company is that it has its own nonprofit organization called Shaklee Cares. With the donations this organization receives, they help people affected by natural disasters and emergencies.

The items I received this month are really great! I am pretty sad that I had to cancel my subscription because I have loved Faithbox and this was only my second one. If I have the opportunity to re-subscribe I will for sure do that. The items this month has a really “green” theme to it, which is perfect since Earth Day is coming up! If you are looking for a subscription box that gives back every month, I recommend Faithbox!
Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Faithbox or any of these companies mentioned.

Missed last month’s Faithbox? Check it out here!


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