Ipsy – April 2016

“Behind the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world.”
~Marilyn Monroe~

Once again, it is Ipsy Glam Bag time! This month’s theme of the bag was The Dreamers and included a bag that was a really pretty blue, yellow and orange color. If you do not know what Ipsy is, it is a beauty monthly subscription for only $10 a month! When you sign up, you are asked to take a quiz of different types of beauty products and Ipsy will send 5 products (either full-size or samples) that relate to beauty. Once you receive your bag, you are able to review the products and earn points. After so many points, you are able to redeem them for another beauty product. Also, when you review your products, Ipsy uses your input and continues to put together products that you would like best.
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1. Starlooks Eyeliner

The first product I received in my Ipsy Glam Bag was the Starlooks Luxe Longwear Eye Pencil in the color Jet. If you have read my other Ipsy reviews, you probably know that I do not wear eyeliner. In my reviews of the products, I always let Ipsy know that eyeliner is not the product for me, but I have received it at least 3 times. Hopefully this will be last time I receive it. Even though I do not wear eyeliner, after testing it out on my hand, it seems that this eyeliner is very creamy and would go on smoothly!
Full-size price: $16.00 (.14 oz)

2. tarte cosmetics LipSurgence Lip Crème

The second product I received this month is the tarte cosmetics LipSurgence Lip Crème in the color Wonder. I have never tried any tarte cosmetics, but I have always wanted to. This color is absolutely beautiful and perfect for spring! This is more of a matte lip product and is very creamy. I did not feel like it was sticky or dry when I applied it on my lip. According to Ipsy, this product can also be used as a blush and the more it is applied, the intesity of the color builds.
Full-size price: $24.00 (0.1 oz)

3. Luxie Beauty Highlighter Brush

The third product – that I am super excited for – is the Luxie Beauty Dreamcatcher Tapered Highlighter Brush 522. I have heard of these brushes and have always wanted to try them, but they are a little expensive for me. I also do not highlight my face, but I think I am going to try it because I have this brush. These brushes are vegan and are super soft! You cannot buy just the brush on the website and can only get it in the Dreamcatcher collection for $150.00.
Similar: Luxie Rose Gold Tapered Highlighting Brush 522 – $24.00

4. Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Blush + Contour

The fourth product in my Ipsy Glam bag was the Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Blush + Contour Palette. I think the colors are really pretty, but I honestly would probably use it as an eyeshadow. I do not contour my face and I think the blush is a little to light for me. The product is gluten-free, vegan, not tested on animals, and a lot of other great things.
Full-size price: $17.95 (.07 oz)

5. Briogeo Repair Treatment

The last product I received in this month’s glam bag is the Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Gel to Oil Overnight Repair Treatment. I have never heard of this product, but I am excited to try it! I like any product that is for my hair because my hair is dry and can always use some TLC. To use this product, you put the gel on your hands and massage it into your scalp before bedtime. While you are asleep, the gel melts into an oil and begins working its magic to repair your hair. In the morning, wash your hair and your hair will feel amazing. Like I said, I am super excited to try this product and see if it really works!
Full-size price: $28.00 (2 oz.)

If you are looking for a monthly beauty subscription box, I 100% recommend Ipsy. I have not been disappointed, yet!
Note: I am not sponsored by Ipsy or any of the brands listed.
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