Getting Ready for Disneyland

This weekend, I will be making my way to the “Happiest Place on Earth.” DISNEYLAND!!!! I haven’t been on a big trip and have had a major urge to travel outside the state for almost a year now and I could not figure out what I wanted to do. At the beginning of the year I posted a blog listing things I wanted to achieve this year. One of the things was to visit my sister, who lives in San Francisco. I also had a nagging idea to return to Disneyland after almost 9 years, so I decided to ask her if she would by chance like to go with me. To my excitement she and my brother-in-law said yes! Now I am already super excited, but in case you need a little help to get your mind centered around everything Disney before your next trip to a Disney park, I put together a list of things that I have been doing to make me fall more in love with the famous mouse and his friends!

1. YouTube Videos

Okay. Most people might think I am weird for this, but who cares? I like searching for POV (point of view) videos of the rides on YouTube. This allows you to watch the ride as if you were actually sitting in that car at the park! Why do I do this when I am about to be at the park? Well…. I do not really know why I enjoy it so much to tell you the truth. However, I think this could be really helpful for most people. I will be at the park for two days and am not doing a park hopper so I will probably be at Disneyland both days and will not venture to California Adventure. Nine years ago when I went, my family and I were only there for one day so we did not ride that many rides. Watching the videos of the rides can help you determine what rides you want to make sure you ride when you are there and what to ride first if you have a limited amount of time at the parks.

2. Disney Movies

I watch Disney movies all the time, even when I am not getting ready to go to a park. Because the rides are based on the characters and stories in the movies, I think it is important to watch these movies beforehand for a couple of reasons:

  1. Disney movies are amazing and you do not really need a reason to watch them… just sayin’
  2. Even if you have seen Pirates of the Caribbean or Finding Nemo a million times, you may want to refresh your memory of what takes place in the story.

3. Disney Music

Crank up that Disney Pandora station and sing at the top of your lungs as if you were because you ARE a Disney princess (or prince)! Besides the message that Disney movies contain, isn’t the part we all fell in love with is the songs? If you do not like listening and singing along to the amazing songs from Disney then you cannot be a part of my world (get it?), but if you do “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” So crank up the music, step into “A Whole New World,” “Go the Distance,” say “Hakuna Matata”, and “Let it Go.” (I apologize for this, but you have to agree it was pretty clever!)

4. Disney-Themed Food

That’s right. Make some food that screams Disney! This may not be for everyone, but if you are taking your kids with you, they will love to be in the kitchen helping you make treats that remind them they are about to step into a magical world. You can find hundreds of recipes that are Disney-themed, but I decided to stick to an easy one. The one I decided to make were pretzels dipped in chocolate and decorated to look like Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Super easy and super fun for the kids because what kid doesn’t like playing in chocolate!

I hope these ideas help you get more excited for your trip to Disneyland! Within the next couples weeks, I have more blog ideas that are centered around my trip to Disneyland so be sure to keep a look out so you do not miss anything!
What are some things you like to do to get yourself excited for a trip to the park?


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