Disneyland Essentials

The past couple weeks, my blogs have centered around the trip I took to Disneyland three weeks ago. The first post listed ways to become even more excited about a trip to “The Happiest Place on Earth” and the second post listed some ways that may help you if you dislike traveling in an airplane. The third and last post for this “Disneyland series” (I guess it would be considered a series) list some items that I took with me on my trip or items that I wish I thought about taking in order to have the best time possible!

1. Some type of bag

I thought about taking my backpack, but it was kind of big so I researched different things I could possibly take to carry my items in the park without it being a burden. My sister took a small backpack with her and I think it was the perfect size if this is something you would prefer. I also do not like backpacks because after wearing it so long, my shoulders start to hurt. The item that I figure would fit my needs best in this situation was a workout belt. Mine, in particular, strapped around my waist and had two separate compartments. I put my phone in one side and my money and a couple small items in the other. If you are traveling with your entire family and with small children, then I definitely recommend taking something slightly bigger. I really liked this idea because it held my items nicely, it was strapped around my waist so I did not have to worry about accidentally leaving it somewhere and because it was on my waist it was never in my way. I also think this option was better for me because we would go back to our hotel once a day to rest and freshen up for about 30 minutes so I did not need to take a lot of things with me and if I needed to, I could have walked back to the hotel, no problem.

2. Disney Themed Clothing/Comfortable Clothing

I bought two really inexpensive shirts that had Mickey and Minnie Mouse on them from Target that were very light-weight. I think that dressing in clothing that is Disney related made the experience more fun because it made me feel like I was a little kid again! Having a light-weight shirt that fit loosely was important to me because it is warm in Southern California and if I wore a tighter shirt I would have been completely miserable. For the bottoms I wore some work-out capris because even though the afternoons were hot, it tends to be chilly in the morning and evening and I can move more freely in this option other than jeans. Also, because it can get chilly, I 100% recommend taking a jacket or a flannel shirt with you and when you get hot you can take it off and tie it around your waist.

3. Comfortable Shoes

You might be wondering why I did not just talk about shoes with clothing. Well I think having comfortable shoes is very important and needs to be addressed by itself. The shoes I decided to wear are Chacos. I chose these because I have been wanting some, but every one always says they are comfortable and they are meant to walk a lengthy amount of time in. With any shoes, it is very important that you break your new shows in, but especially if you plan on wearing Chacos. Chacos have some major arch support and hurt your feet so much when you first begin to wear them. However, once your feet get used to them, they are pretty amazing shoes. I have very strange feet, and I walk on the insides of my feet so these shoes were life savers these two days. Now, do not get my wrong, my feet did hurt quite a bit, but I was on them from 8 in the morning to after midnight for two days. I also would recommend taking band aids with you because it is likely you will get blisters with any type of shoe.

4. Hat

I know. I know. I know. You want those cute mouse ears, right? Yeah, I did too. Then I realized my big mistake a couple of hours later. The ears are really tight and make your head hurt within a couple hours and makes you feel miserable. My sister and brother-in-law both had hats that had Mickey or Minnie Mouse on it and I would have much rather prefered that option. Not only does it keep the sun off of your face to prevent sunburn, but it is also much more comfortable.There are some really cute hats and you can also find hats that have mouse ears attached to it. So my advice to you is to skip the adorable mouse ears and go the more convenient/comfortable route. Your head will thank you later.

5. Water Bottle

If you take a bigger bag than what I did, then I recommend taking our own water bottle. You can take your own snacks and drinks in and whenever you need to refill your bottle you can fill it up in water fountains throughout the park. I know that restaurants also give free water over ice, so I am sure they would gladly fill up your bottle as well. You should always drink water, especially if you are out in the heat, so to save money this is something I wish I had thought about.

6. Sunscreen

Now this is pretty obvious, especially if you are as pale as I am, but every time I go somewhere I tell myself, “I’m not going to need that. I will be perfectly fine.” Wrong. It is a lie. I will not be fine when I get a sunburn and am in pain and then also get a fever blister afterwards. Luckily, my sister brought some with her. Also, be sure to reapply throughout the day or you will still end up with a sunburn like I did. (How many times is it going to take for me to learn my lesson?)

7. Chapstick

I am so glad I brought this with me. After being in the sun and the wind blowing across your face, you will definitely want to make sure you brought this along.

I hope that this post gave you some ideas and tips on what you should bring with you on your next trip to Disney.
What are some items you make sure you always have when you go to Disneyland, or wish you had?
If you have not read the past two posts centered around my Disneyland trip, make sure you check those out below:

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