Always Alone. Not Forever Alone.

I have lived alone for almost a year now. It is crazy to think that not only has it gone by fast, but I managed to survive. This past year I have learned a lot about myself that I never thought would be possible. In honor of my one year anniversary, I decided to put together a list of things that I have learned throughout the past year.

1. Independence

I have always had some independent qualities about myself, but after living alone I have had to develop more responsiblity for myself (obviously). I have learned how to grocery shop, cook, pay bills and a lot of other “adult” things that I never actually realized went on behind the scenes at my parents house. I seriously have very little upper arm strength-not even exageratting-so in order to open certain items, I have had to figure out creative ways to do so. My personal favorite (this could possibly be dangerous and I do not suggest it) is the time I took scissors, opened them up around a screw top lid, closed the scissors and used them as one would with pliers. Like I said, maybe not the safest (or smartest) way of handling this, but it worked!

2. It gets lonely

Sure stuffing your face with junk food while Grey’s Anatomy runs on auto-play without having to worry about judgement from other people is all fun and games, but I do get lonely often. I love living alone. I love being able to do what I want, when I want, where I want, and how I want and I certainly think this is what I am supposed to be experiencing right now, but I hate it when I start getting thoughts about my loneliness. It is easy to get into a trance and sulk about your loneliness and think you have no one in your life, but you have to remember that you are not really alone. I mean, technically you are alone because you are by yourself, but not alone in life. If you live alone, or are thinking about living alone, please promise me that you get out of your apartment for reasons other than work, school, and the grocery store to buy more wine. Even if you do not get out of your apartment often there are other ways to take your mind off your “loneliness.” Maybe get a dog, a cat, a fish, or a rabbit like I did! You could even take up a new hobby (like blogging!).

3. Listening to music is more fun

I listen to music a lot. I love to sing (people don’t love to hear me sing). That is why listening to music is better. C’mon, you know when your parents left you home alone you would crank the music up and sing and dance! Now that I live alone I can do this as often as I like-and without the worry of getting caught!

Images: giphy

4. Stupid thing. What stupid thing?

So I am a pretty clumsy person and also tend to do things before I think everything through. One of the best things about living alone is that when you do stupid things, there is no one there to experience it with you. This means that the stupid thing stays a secret between only you and will never be brought up in the future with your friends! Speaking of stupid things, make sure you purchase a potato peeler instead of trying to use a knife (not like I have had a bad experience or anything… but trust me).

5. Cleaning becomes enjoyable

I might be alone on this one, but I actually enjoy cleaning my apartment. Maybe it is because I pay so much to live there, I want to be able to enjoy my time in a nice clean apartment. Maybe it is because it gives me another excuse to jam to my favorite music, but this time giving me a dance partner (the vacuum) and a “standing” microphone or an instrument (the broom and mop). Either way, nothing is more relaxing than sitting on the couch in a freshly cleaned, delicious smelling home sweet apartment.
1Images: giphy

This year has been great and I am so thankful for the moments that I have been able to experience and lessons I have learned. Here is to another year of living alone, but not being forever alone!
If you are thinking about moving out of your parents house or trying to live without a roommate, but you are scared to do so, don’t be! Living alone can be scary at times, but you are about to embark on a journey that is completely worth it and will learn things about yourself that would never be possible.

Note: I do not own any of the pictures in this post.


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