Reasons I am Glad I Stayed in my Hometown for College

A few weeks ago I wrote about certain reason I wish I had gone to off for college. I begin my senior year of college in a week and a half and it is crazy for me to think that I graduate in 9 months. During my senior year of high school, I decided to stay in my hometown for at least a year for several reasons. When I completed my first year I decided I was going to go off and go to school at Texas Tech University. Well… I ended up still staying in my hometown and will discuss reasons why below, but as I stated in my previous post, there are reasons I really wish I had gone off and you can read that here. Even though I missed out on certain experiences, I still have had some amazing experiences that I would not have if I moved away.

1. Free Tuition

So this reason does not happen for everyone, but some how it did for me. The first two years of school I paid out of my pocket and then something amazing happened. I had started working for gas company as a part-time receptionist and after working there for a year, one of the employees retired, which led to positions and people moving around. This meant that the company needed to find a full-time receptionist because I was leaving and the full-time receptionist took a different position at the company. After a couple of months of not finding a replacement, the general manager jokingly asked if I would stay and work part-time if they paid for my school. However, it turns out he was not kidding. This is the number one reason I am glad I stayed in my hometown for school because 1) I would not have gotten an opportunity to gain experience in the workplace like this, and 2) because half of my college tuition is paid for leaving me with less than $2,000 in debt. Awesome way to start out “adult” life right?

2. Living on my own

Now, there are several people who live by themselves in college, but it was just not going to be possible for me to be able to pay for school and other bills at the same time. Well since I did take this full-time job, I got the opportunity to be able to make enough money to be able to move into an apartment by myself. I am so thankful for this opportunity because I have learned so much within the past year about myself, which you can read about here, that I would never have gotten had I moved off to college.

3. Family

During the college years there are many different changes that a person experiences. I would like to eventually move away from my hometown to at least try it, but I am so grateful that during this few years my family has literally been down the street from me. My relationship with my mom and my grandparents has never been so strong and I don’t think it would ever be this way had I moved to college. These relationships that have been made stronger from my time home will last forever.

4. Friends

Sure, I would have made friends had I moved, but I have grown stronger relationships with my friends that live in my hometown and that would not have been nearly as easy if I had moved.

5.  Independence

No, I have not gotten the independence that most people do when they go off to college, but I received a different kind of independence with support. Contradicting? Maybe a little. I have gained a lot of independence over the past few years, but I think the thing that helped me to achieve that is that I knew that I always had my family or friends near me in case something happened.

Although there are many times I wish I had moved and wonder what my life would be like, I still have reasons for why I am glad I made the decision to stay here. There were reasons opportunities were thrown at me and reasons why I had to stay right where I am for these few years of my life. Should you go off for college, or should you stay home and go to your local university? I can’t help much by telling you what you should do because people have different values and wishes, but I do hope that these last two posts give you some insight form a girl’s perspective of staying home after high school.

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