Ways to Reset for the Week

Every Sunday I have a list of things I have to get done before I can go to bed that night. I do these things because it helps me to “reset” and set my focus on the week ahead. This is very important to me because it helps me to remember that the past week is just that-in the past. I tend to worry about the past and what I did not get done throughout the week and when I do this, it takes away from the moments in the upcoming week. I also think this helps me to clear my mind and prepare for the week and everything that will fill my head in the next seven days.

1. Straighten Up

I don’t clean every single week because my apartment just doesn’t get dirty enough and I honestly just don’t want to. However, I do straighten up every room in my apartment. Throughout the week, papers, mail, and other items get placed in a place that they don’t belong. If I start out my week with a messy apartment, I feel like my life becomes messy and chaotic. I pick up everything and put it back where it needs to be and may even wipe down some countertops just so I can start the week fresh.

2. Pick Out Clothes/Iron

Most people tend to iron every single day either in the morning or evening. Let’s be honest though, who actually loves to iron? It is definitely a necessary evil and has to get done at some point throughout the week. I pick out my clothes and iron every item Sunday night. I do this because I simply do not have any time in the mornings to think about what I am going to wear and don’t really feel like doing it on my week-nights. I also do this because if I were to pick out my clothes in the morning, I would also have to worry about whether or not I need to iron it. Why don’t I just get up a few minutes earlier in the morning? Well because I have a hard enough time trying to get ready and to work on time as it is.

3. To-do and Goal Setting

If you have followed my blog recently, you may know that I recently started using a Happy Planner and have fallen into the trap of decorating it every week. It has been a lot of fun, but it has also been very helpful for me to keep track of everything I need to do during the week. I plan on Sunday because in the planner the weeks start on Monday. I make a list of big things I need to accomplish throughout the week and then each day I fill in small tasks that I need to do each day. I also have been writing down goals that I want to accomplish. I think it is definitely important that you set goals for yourself because it helps motivate you to get things done and over the slump of day-to-day life.

4. Relax

Okay, this may seem really simple and pointless for being on this list because I “reset” on Sunday, which is the day of rest, but I have never really been one to relax. I always have to be doing something and usually always have my plate full. Even on days when I seriously have not one thing to do on my list, I end up making myself find something that I “need” to do. Recently, I have found that although it is good that I am busy and like taking advantage of extra time to get others things done or ahead, it is also very important to take some time to rest. It is important not only for your sanity, but also your health. I stress so much and I am also sick often and I have no problem believing that the two are related.

These are just a couple of things I do every Sunday to “reset” for the week ahead. I love doing these things because it helps me feel prepared and ready to conquer the work week. I hope this helps you and gives you some advice of how to unwind from the week and get ready for another one. What are somethings you do in order to mentally, physically, and emotionally prepare yourself for another week?

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