Easy DIY Scarecrow Halloween Costume

“When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ’tis near Halloween”

Happy Halloween everyone!! Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I don’t know if it is the movies I watch every year, the decorations, the crisp air (or 90 degree air as it will be this year), or what it is, but it makes me so happy and excited. I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in about seven years, but this year I have a couple of events that I am volunteering at and needed a costume. I decided to go with a scarecrow because I already had the majority of the pieces and knew it would be easy. This costume idea is perfect if you are on a budget, or have little time to spend on creating your Halloween look!

What you will need:

  • jeans
  • plaid shirt
  • boots
  • hat
    • any hat
    • burlap fabric
    • string
    • leaves/sunflowers/hay
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • safety pins/clothes pins/glue
  • makeup
    • orange/red lipstick
    • orange/red eye shadow
    • black eyeliner

Making your hat:

If you do not have a straw hat, or any kind of “scarecrowie” hat, then you can easily make one!

I started with cutting a square out of burlap fabric and placed it over the hat. You could also place the hat on the fabric, trace and cut out a circle that is larger than the hat to be sure that there is enough fabric to create a floppy looking hat.

I then started gluing the fabric to the hat and scrunched the fabric to make it look more messy and like what a scarecrow would wear. I then tied a string around it with long ends to add a little bit to it. Then I used some leaves and sunflowers to add a cute touch. However, you could totally do without if you want to make it a little cheaper and easier.


I started with some orange eye shadow all over my lid and lined my lower lash line. Next I took black eyeliner, lined my lower line and drew some black vertical lines. Add some mascara, and the eyes are done!

I took the lipstick, you could use blush or face paint, and drew circles on my cheeks and a tear drop shape on my nose. Then I outlined the teardrop with my black eyeliner and drew stitch line.

Next, I put lipstick on my lips and drew a smile and stitch marks on my mouth with the eyeliner.

Putting it together:

I put on some jeans, boots, and flannel shirt. If you have overalls, the look would be even better! With the extra sunflowers and leaves I glued to some clothespins so I could attach them to my clothing. You could just glue them to your clothes if you aren’t going to wear them again, or even safety pins if you don’t have any clothespins. Put on your hat, and viola! You’re a scarecrow!

I had fun dressing up for my activities this year and thought it turned out really cute! Let me know if you decide to dress up as a scarecrow this year, or whatever else you decide to be!

Have a fun and SAFE Halloween!!


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