My Response to “Things My Boyfriend Better Not Get Me For Christmas”

I just read a blog post that was shared on Facebook and I absolutely cannot believe what I just read. In this post, the girl gives 23 things that her boyfriend should not give her for Christmas. I was so taken back that I felt I needed to respond to it and hope that if anyone with the same mindset will read what I have to say and reconsider their opinions and choices this Christmas season.

Okay, to start, be thankful you HAVE a boyfriend and someone who would love to buy you something for Christmas. There are many people who would love to have a significant other. Also, having this attitude will cause you to lose your boyfriend to a girl who will actually appreciate him.

Second. If you are this focused on receiving gifts during this time of year, you need to reconsider your life. Christmas is not about getting (or even giving) gifts. It is about celebrating the one, true, most precious and amazing gift that was ever – will be ever – given to us. We celebrate Christmas because of Jesus’ birth. We should not be wrapped up in the gifts we get and especially to the point where you chose to post a blog of things that you would hate to get.

Third. Even if the gift seems like something your boyfriend did not put a lot of thought into, it is still a gift. Also, he is a guy. Not to be stereotypical, but c’mon. What baffles me even more is this statement: “Something handmade. I mean, you can get me this, but you’d better get me a real present too, if you know what I mean.” WHAT!? Do you know how amazing it would for someone who loves you decided to make you something to show his appreciation for you!?

The one that really, and I mean REALLY, ticks me off is this: “Donation to charity. Yes, that’s a good gift for someone. But does that look like a good gift for me?” Maybe donating to a charity, visiting a charity, or volunteering for a charity is something you should consider doing to put your perspective on life in the right place. Also, would you not be happy to know that your boyfriend has such a big heart that he donates to charities?

This just absolutely makes me mad. I do not understand how it is possible to be so insincere, unkind, and inconsiderate. Please. Please. Please. Do not focus on the gifts. Focus on the one giving the gift. It shouldn’t matter what your boyfriend gives you. Especially to this point.

Appreciate the people in your life. For who they are. For the love they have for you. For the relationship you have with them. Appreciate them, because you never know how long you have with them.




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