My Week on Tinder

A couple weeks ago I decided to try out Tinder. I was pretty nervous and skeptical of it because of the association that Tinder has with it. I haven’t had a boyfriend in four years and haven’t been on a date in one, so I thought now would be a good time to try it.

I received several matches, but only had a conversation with about 3 guys. The first thing I realized about dating is that it is difficult to keep a conversation going with a complete stranger. Now, I have always heard that if a person is “the one” then conversation won’t be forced. I agree and disagree with this. I think that talking to strangers, especially over a dating app, is never going to be easy and will always be somewhat forced. I just think online dating involves a lot of work and if you aren’t too into it, it probably will not work for you.

You can’t let messages from people make you feel insecure about yourself. Because of that, I think it is important that you try online dating when you are ready and comfortable with yourself. I am 21 and have braces, so I have felt like a 12 year old the past 2 years. One guy that messaged me said “Those are some sexy braces you have.” I felt uncomfortable by the statement mainly for the use of the word “sexy,” but also a little because of the insecurity I have about my braces. Then I realized that it was silly for me to be offended by this. So, just make sure you are not easily offended, or put in uncomfortable situations easily.

The main two things I learned from my experience is that online dating is not for me and I am actually not ready to date. I know several people who have met their significant other through online dating, so I do think it can work. However, it is not for everyone, but I do encourage you to try some online dating service at least once, or twice if you are at all curious about it.

After being single for as long as I have, I figured that I would be ready to begin trying to date. I was wrong. I don’t think I like the idea of searching for someone, but rather someone showing up in my life one day when I am not looking. It seems easier and fits me better than online dating. I think that I see so much ahead of me that I want to accomplish that I am just not ready to be tied down to someone. I don’t even know who I am yet. I haven’t had time to discover myself. I hope to do that before I ever “try” to date again.

What are your thoughts on Tinder, or online dating? Do you have any stories and/or experiences you would like to share regarding online dating?



4 thoughts on “My Week on Tinder

      1. I know right?! I’ve given up on it. The types of people I came across on online dating was crazy. In reality, you would never meet such characters but it was like the internet was their shield and therefore they could act like complete jerks and get away with it 😂


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