Favorite YouTube Channels

I started really getting into watching YouTube videos a year ago. Since then there are several channels that I have to watch every video when uploaded, and some that I enjoy watching every once in a while. I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite YouTube channels because it is honestly one of the best times of day when I get to watch the videos!

1. eleventhgorgeous AND TeeAndEss

Eleventhgorgeous is composed of two sisters – Tracy and Stephanie – who talk about beauty products. I first came across this channel several years ago when I was deciding on subscribing to Ipsy glam bag for the first time. Tracy and Stephanie also have a vlog channel called TeeAndEss. They have become my absolute favorite channels over the years because they make me laugh in every single video they upload.

2. Samika Vlogs

Samika Vlogs is a channel that follows around the Anderson family that includes Sam, Jennika, Noah, and Penelope (PJ). I came across this channel by watching the youtube channel RemLife’s (who will be mentioned later) 2015 Vlogmas. Samika Vlogs uploads almost every day and since then I have watched every single time. I have completely fallen in love with this family, which is crazy because I don’t even know them in real life. However, it has been fun keeping up with this family and their kids are precious!

3. Cambria Joy AND CambriaJoyVlogs

I have been subscribed to these channels for about a month, and I am already obsessed. From what I have learned about Cambria in the past month is that she struggled with an eating disorder and now encourages others that they should love their bodies. Cambria is also a Christian and that is certainly shown through her videos.

4. Dylan & Chelcee

Dylan & Chelcee is a pretty new vlog channel. I actually went to school and church with the two and have enjoyed watching the new time in their lives as they have been married for a year and living away from home for the first time. When I found out they started a vlog channel, I knew immediately they would be perfect for it because of their personalities!

5.  MissRemiAshten AND RemLife

I found Remi’s channel a couple years ago when I was getting ready to move and go to college, which ended up not happening. I had found her video of packing for college and continued to follow her channels after that. In MissRemiAshten she does DIY projects, hauls, and other videos like that, while RemLife is her vlog channel that follows her around whether she is in her hometown in California, or traveling to other places.

6. WhatsUpWoods

WhatsUpWoods is a vlog channel that follows the Woods family that includes Jackson, Carlie, Cooper, and Elliot. Carlie also has a main channel called CarlieStylez, but I typically don’t watch it that much. I love watching this family and how they live life together.

These are the main channels that I watch religiously, but I have a few that I watch occasionally:

Let me know if you watch any of these channels! Also, give me suggestions of other channels I may like!

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