Why I am Thankful I Chose a Communication Major

Last week I discussed my process of changing my major throughout the past few years. Next weekend I will be walking the stage with a bachelor’s in communication and think it is crazy that I am FINALLY at this point in my life. Communication was my last choice, as we saw last week, and I was not always happy with my degree choice, but there are a few reasons why I am thankful to have studied communication.

1. Options

Usually when I tell people my major is communication, I get the answer “Oh…. what are you going to do with that?” My response is always, “good question,” because I honestly have no idea. Communication is one of those majors where you can do almost anything. There is not a particular career that matches the degree like petroleum engineering, or nursing. I can do a lot of things. Although I am usually a person that likes knowing exactly where she is going and what she is doing, I enjoy having a little bit of freedom to have opportunities to try multiple things.

2. Used Daily

Communication is all around us, even in places you would never think. We communicate face-to-face, and even over devices that are used daily. We communicate without even saying a word. Communication is everywhere and is essential to daily life, so I am glad that I have some expertise in this area in order to get my messages across to others.

3. It’s Interesting

I did not expect to learn as much as I have the past couple years. When I first heard about communication, I had the reaction that most people do. “So, I am just going to learn about how to talk? I’ve been doing that almost my entire life.” Communication is so much more than just words that are spoken.

I love that no person communicates the same way. Each person has different quirks when communicating and these quirks are what makes communication unique and always different. You can learn a lot about a person, where they are from, and what they have gone through based on how they communicate. I loved learning about different cultures and how certain behaviors are acceptable in some and not in others. I love that words aren’t the only things used to communicate. Body language is beautiful and how people use nonverbal communication is amazing.

So no, communication was not my first choice, it may not allow me to make enough money, and I may never know exactly how I want to use my degree in my career. But, studying communication has given me insight to the world that I never would have experienced before. The art of communication is beautiful and I am thankful I had the opportunity to earn a degree in this major.


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