My Process on Deciding on my Major

It’s one of the most asked questions when discussing college: “What is your major?” I changed my major so many times throughout the past few years and have had countless ideas of what I wanted to pursue. Honestly, sometimes moving from one idea to another did not make any sense. Because I think my process on coming to the conclusion of majoring in communication was no where near normal, I decided I would share it with y’all!
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How to Make Time for Jesus in College

I’m ALIVE!!! It has been TWO months since I last posted a blog. I got really overwhelmed with everything in my life and lost some of my passion for blogging, but I am excited to get back to doing something I enjoy! Because the past months have been so busy, I figured now would be the perfect time to give you ideas on how to make time for Jesus in college (or, in life in general). Continue reading “How to Make Time for Jesus in College”

Not Your Average 21-Year-Old

It is Friday night and while most people my age are out with friends, drinking, partying, and staying out until the sun comes up, I found myself cleaning my toilet. After I got over the fact that as always I forgot I mopped my floor within 5 seconds and stepped on it (seriously, is this just me?), I started having thoughts of “I am a loser,” “I am going to be alone forever,” “why does no one love me?” Can I possibly be the only 21-year-old who does not go out? Am I the only one my age that goes grocery shopping after being at work and then come home to my broom and window cleaner? Is this really how my life is always going to be?
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Ways to Reset for the Week

Every Sunday I have a list of things I have to get done before I can go to bed that night. I do these things because it helps me to “reset” and set my focus on the week ahead. This is very important to me because it helps me to remember that the past week is just that-in the past. I tend to worry about the past and what I did not get done throughout the week and when I do this, it takes away from the moments in the upcoming week. I also think this helps me to clear my mind and prepare for the week and everything that will fill my head in the next seven days.
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Reasons I am Glad I Stayed in my Hometown for College

A few weeks ago I wrote about certain reason I wish I had gone to off for college. I begin my senior year of college in a week and a half and it is crazy for me to think that I graduate in 9 months. During my senior year of high school, I decided to stay in my hometown for at least a year for several reasons. When I completed my first year I decided I was going to go off and go to school at Texas Tech University. Well… I ended up still staying in my hometown and will discuss reasons why below, but as I stated in my previous post, there are reasons I really wish I had gone off and you can read that here. Even though I missed out on certain experiences, I still have had some amazing experiences that I would not have if I moved away.
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Reasons I Wish I Moved Away for College

It is crazy for me to think that in about five weeks I will be starting my senior year of college. I am so ready to get this year started and over with. As I sit here after writing yet another ten page paper, I can’t help but think about how the last three years would have been different had I moved away for school. Each year I applied to colleges in other cities, been accepted, and had the desire to go, but each time something stood in the way. Thus, I have stayed in the same city that I have lived in my entire life and have thought multiple times about the things that I missed out on. As most people do this time of year, I wanted to start a “back to school” series for the next five weeks that will range in a variety of things. This first post – I hope – help anyone who is contemplating on whether or not they should move away for their college years.
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