When You Don’t Know Where You’re Headed

I walked across the stage at my college graduation two weeks ago! What the heck!? The main expression I feel when thinking about this is how did time go so fast!? However, another question also haunts me: “What am I doing and where am I going now?” I have experienced joy, fear, anxiety, and many other emotions that past few weeks because I am excited for the future, but also scared out of my mind.
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Why I am Thankful I Chose a Communication Major

Last week I discussed my process of changing my major throughout the past few years. Next weekend I will be walking the stage with a bachelor’s in communication and think it is crazy that I am FINALLY at this point in my life. Communication was my last choice, as we saw last week, and I was not always happy with my degree choice, but there are a few reasons why I am thankful to have studied communication.
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My Process on Deciding on my Major

It’s one of the most asked questions when discussing college: “What is your major?” I changed my major so many times throughout the past few years and have had countless ideas of what I wanted to pursue. Honestly, sometimes moving from one idea to another did not make any sense. Because I think my process on coming to the conclusion of majoring in communication was no where near normal, I decided I would share it with y’all!
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6 Ways to Prepare for a New Semester

Last week I began my last semester of undergrad. I honestly thought this day would never come and that the insane amount of essays I have to write would never begin to grow smaller and smaller. With each semester, for me, means getting everything organized and put together to make sure that I stay on track throughout the next few months. Most people like to discuss “back to school” issues in August, but everyone goes back to school in January, too, so I thought it would be fun to explain how I have made it through the past three and a half years.
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Easy DIY Scarecrow Halloween Costume

“When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ’tis near Halloween”

Happy Halloween everyone!! Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I don’t know if it is the movies I watch every year, the decorations, the crisp air (or 90 degree air as it will be this year), or what it is, but it makes me so happy and excited. I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in about seven years, but this year I have a couple of events that I am volunteering at and needed a costume. I decided to go with a scarecrow because I already had the majority of the pieces and knew it would be easy. This costume idea is perfect if you are on a budget, or have little time to spend on creating your Halloween look!
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Juggling Life, Work & School

When I tell people I work 40 hours a week, have a small part-time job and also take around 15 hours in school a semester, I typically get the response, “Wow! You have a lot on your plate. How are you able to get everything done when it needs to be done?” There are times when I cry like a baby struggle, but I do have help to get me through the busy school year while juggling work, bills and other “adult” things. I put together a list of items that can help any person who juggles multiple things at once in their day-to-day life!
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Ways to Reset for the Week

Every Sunday I have a list of things I have to get done before I can go to bed that night. I do these things because it helps me to “reset” and set my focus on the week ahead. This is very important to me because it helps me to remember that the past week is just that-in the past. I tend to worry about the past and what I did not get done throughout the week and when I do this, it takes away from the moments in the upcoming week. I also think this helps me to clear my mind and prepare for the week and everything that will fill my head in the next seven days.
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