Growing Up in a Non-Christian Home

I didn’t grow up in church.  The only time I went to church as a young kid was VBS for a week every summer. In fifth grade, I had a friend who invited me to go to church with her and after a couple years, we stopped being friends and I honestly learned nothing. I went for social reasons. A few years later my boyfriend, at the time, asked me to go to church with him. After a year going with him and breaking up and still going to church, I realized something. I realized I was a sinner who needed a savior. In November of 2012, I accepted Christ as my savior and the past few years have been nothing but a learning experience. I have learned a few things about myself and the world from being the only one in my immediate family that attends church and want to share it with you whether you have been in church your whole life, or in a situation similar to mine.
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