365 Photo Challenge: Days 23-29

Day 23: Monday, January 23rd, was National Pie Day, so of course I had to celebrate! IMG_0401.JPG

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365 Photo Challenge: Days 16-22 (FAIL!)

Y’all I failed this week. School started and I was sick all week, so I completely did not have an opportunity to take any pictures. However, I did receive this awesome package from my sister this week and took a picture of it, so I thought I would at least share some sort of picture! I’m really going to try to continue doing the photo challenge, but unfortunately life gets in the way sometimes!
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Parabo Review

Several months ago I stumbled across an ad on Instagram that claimed I could receive 25 free prints from an app called Parabo. I love free, and I love pictures, so I was instantly drawn to download the app and see what it was all about. Of course I eventually found out I had to pay shipping, but it was only $8. The thing I loved about this is that I was able to connect to my Instagram and Facebook and get those pictures printed. I had a lot of pictures that never got printed from high school and my mission trip to Alaska so I decided to make those the majority of my pictures. Continue reading “Parabo Review”